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Aug. 31, 2021

'Top 5' Moments from first 5 episodes of the Uncommon Leader Podcast!

'Top 5'  Moments from first 5 episodes of the Uncommon Leader Podcast!

This first month of episodes has been quite a compilation of great leader interviews. I'm sending on this "Top 5" episode as a mashup of some of the uncommon responses that I got from the interviewees. Let's hear just a few snippets of what you heard in these podcasts from these great leaders:


In the inaugural episode we heard from Dr. Paul DeChant, blogger, consultant and author of Preventing Physician Burnout.  He discussed how leaders need to take responsibility to change themselves before they ask others to change. 


In episode two, I talked with Tom Carmazzi, former CEO of Tuthill corporation. He spoke about overcoming the challenge of stuttering when he was young.


And episode three, I spoke with Adam Ward forensic better, and I asked him what keeps people from changing. 


In episode four, we were introduced you to Kim ‘Doc’ Chaney. He talked about some of the challenges that he faces when mentoring others.


And episode five did not disappoint. As I spoke with aspiring author, Patty Hamilton. She talked about the impact her mother had on her still today.


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Thanks again for listening and until next time go and Grow Champions!