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Podcast with Maria Francesconi nurse leader at HUHS

Hi John G, Excellent podcast with Maria Francesconi! So much great and important information and lessons!!! Maria is such an inspirational leader and a dedicated nurse!!!! Sharing her life stories was so very honest and they Impact so many of us in our own life’s. Agree, life is hard, but as a team we can do our best and even better!!!! I am so proud of her!!!!!! All my best, Kindly, Nurse Angela Sigal Poock

Words to live by…

Listening to each of the podcasts helps me to identity that I can grow within myself, my career, and my business. Each individual podcast reflects on something I never really thought about, but will begin doing because in listening it opened my eyes to new ideas and ways of thinking.

Podcast with Dave Campbell

What a great conversation. Dave hits it on the head…personal growth, small sacrifices to grow yourself and how to bring that to your team. I love the idea of the “team book club”. Great Podcast John Gallagher.