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May 16, 2023

The Six Phases of Faith - Insights from Rick Warren

The Six Phases of Faith - Insights from Rick Warren
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Welcome back, leaders!  This is the Uncommon Leader Podcast and I am your host, John Gallagher.

 I have something a little bit unique for you today. I am  excited to have the opportunity dive into the six phases of faith, as described by Rick Warren in his new book, Created to Dream, - the 6 Phases God uses to Grow Your Faith(Purchase a copy here). In this segment, we'll listen to an excerpt from the book where Pastor Rick shares his insights on these six phases and how they can transform our lives.

Another treat will be the return of my wife, Chris Gallagher, so two superstars in one episode.  If You all recall, Chris joined me back in season 2 where she and I reviewed the Coffee Bean!  

Afterward, the two of us will discuss these 6 phases and share our own perspectives on how they've impacted our lives. By the end of this episode, I  hope you have gained a deeper understanding of what it means to have faith and how we can apply these steps to our own lives, especially as leaders in our communities, businesses, and homes!

I am very grateful to the publisher, Zondervan,  for providing the opportunity to share this exclusive sneak peek of Rick Warren's new book.   ( Taken from Created to Dream by Rick Warren. Copyright © 2023 by Zondervan Book by permission of Zondervan, www.zondervan.com.)

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