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May 23, 2023

The Connection Between Nutrition, Gut Health, and Cognitive Function Leslie Bobb, MPH, CIHC

The Connection Between Nutrition, Gut Health, and Cognitive Function  Leslie Bobb, MPH, CIHC
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Welcome back, Uncommon Leaders!  

Today, I'm thrilled to have Leslie Bobb as my guest. Leslie is a Certified Brain Health Coach, an Integrative Nutrition Expert and a sought after speaker specializing in ‘Gut Health’.  

In this fascinating episode, Leslie emphasizes the important connection between nutrition, brain health, and overall well-being including: 

  • The health of one's gut affects all other systems in the body, including the endocrine, immune, and brain systems. 
  • How gut health is backed by science and can affect neurotransmitter activity in the brain. 
  • Nutrition deficiencies that can harm gut health and subsequently impact cognitive function. 
  • The importance of being mindful of the chemicals and toxins in our environment that can negatively impact our gut health
  • Her work as a consultant to help organizations and healthcare providers prioritize and incorporate healthy food and wellness practices into their culture and services

You are going to learn a lot from this episode so have your pen and notebook handy.  

Connect  with Leslie Bobb, MPH, CIHC:


Leslie’s website

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