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April 25, 2023

Driving Transformation in Healthcare AND Bass Fishing! Episode 62 - Doug Dulin

Driving Transformation in Healthcare AND Bass Fishing! Episode 62 - Doug Dulin
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Welcome back, Uncommon Leaders! 


My guest on this episode is Doug Dulin. Doug and I used to work side by side in a previous life and I have experienced his great leadership first-hand.  Currently, Doug is the Vice President of Operational Excellence for the Boldt Company, a national construction leader. In Doug’s role he provides key transformational guidance to leadership teams on innovative ways to embed lean thinking into hospital cultures and workflows.   AND, Doug is an avid bass fisherman – which I must say, has me a bit envious…

In this episode, Doug shares many good stories and drops some great leadership tips on influencing without authority, as well as some suggestions on how he stays on top of his personal development game. 

 Doug Dulin on LinkedIn

Leaders at all levels will learn from  this episode.

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