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Nov. 16, 2021

15 - John Gallagher - On Mentors, Uncommon, Mission, Lean, "Afflicting the comforted" and more

15 - John Gallagher - On Mentors, Uncommon, Mission, Lean,

Welcome back Uncommon Leader Podcast Nation. Each week, I interview guests --Uncommon leaders --  from various walks of life and various points on their leadership journey. This week I flipped the script just a little bit, and I'm sharing an excerpt from a recent lean blog post podcast where I was interviewed by Lean Blog podcast host, Mark Graban. He chatted with me about many things on my leadership journey, including:

  •  Where and when did my Lean (management system based upon the Toyota Production system) journey begin
  • Who have been mentors in my career
  •  Different points on my diverse career path
  • The genesis of the Uncommon Leader podcast
  • The mission behind Growing Champions, the coaching & consulting business I recently started
  • And more...

 So I think you're really going to enjoy this podcast. While this interview is excerpts from the original interview, you can listen to the unedited episode, including the full transcript,  on Mark Graban's podcast feed by clicking here.  A special thanks for Mark for allowing me to re-purpose this podcast.  For more on mark Graban, visit his website here.

Thanks for listening.