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July 27, 2021

1 - Dr. Paul Dechant - Identifying the Key Drivers of Burnout

1 -  Dr. Paul Dechant - Identifying the Key Drivers of Burnout
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Hello everyone and welcome to the uncommon leader podcast - Episode 001

These are interviews that will equip you with stories that you can consume on your commute, while you exercise or as part of your regular leadership development journey. Now my approach is to invest time with uncommon leaders that I've had the privilege of learning from at some point in my life's journey, people who want to make a difference, and have certainly made a difference in my life.

Now, my first guest is one we all need to hear from. Dr. Paul Dechant is a former healthcare CEO, a consultant to C-level healthcare executives and a practicing physician, as well as an author, an expert in burnout and organizational dynamics. And  I'm glad to say that he is a friend of mine as well.

I had the privilege of working directly with and learning from Paul at a large consulting organization for a few years.

You're going to love this conversation from Paul as he discusses how leaders can identify the key to identify the drivers of burnout. And the motivation leaders should have to make things better. So enough from me, let's get this started.  You can stay in touch with Paul on many platforms, including Twitter and LinkedIn, and his website www.pauldechantmd.com