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Feb. 22, 2022

Season 2 Trailer - The Uncommon Leader Podcast

Season 2 Trailer - The Uncommon Leader Podcast

Welcome back!

I am excited to announce season 2 of The Uncommon Leader Podcast.  

I will continue to have excellent leaders who have made an impact on me with their leadership style, AND I will be introducing some fun new segments as well with some listener Q&A podcasts, client spotlights, audience challenges, the next generation of Uncommon leaders, and more.
If you're not already a subscriber to the podcast, I encourage you to visit growingchampions.net/podcast to sign up now on your preferred platform. You can also catch up on all the episodes from season one.

I am inspired by the opportunity to bring others to speak into you with these podcasts.  I am full of HOPE for  what’s possible in season 2!