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Nov. 1, 2022

Season 2 - Episode 19 Jeff Henderson - What To Do Next

Season 2 - Episode 19 Jeff Henderson - What To Do Next

Hey Uncommon leaders, welcome back! I have a special, special guest for you today.

Jeff Henderson is an entrepreneur, speaker, pastor, business leader and author.  His bestselling book Know What you’re FOR, launched a movement in nonprofits around the world and  Jeff was recently named by Forbes Magazine as one of twenty speakers you shouldn’t miss and you definitely should NOT miss this conversation I had with him!!

The main topic of our conversation is Jeff’s most recent book he released titled:  What To Do Next:  Taking your Best Step When Life Is Uncertain.  In this story, Jeff brings you right into his story alongside various career moves he has made.

You'll need a pen and paper to take notes during this conversation.  Some of my favorite takeaways from Jeff:

·        How you leave your current season is how you begin your next season

·        Keep moving forward

·        Never say you’re never going to do something

·        Don’t fall in love with the idea, fall in love with the problem.

I would love to give away a copy of What To Do Next to one lucky listener.  Drop me an email at john@growingchampions.net and tell me what YOUR favorite story was from the podcast.  I will draw one lucky winner from the entries and send you a copy of the book.

You can stay in touch with Jeff at jeffhenderson.com

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Until next time, Keep Moving Forward, Take the High Road and Go and Grow Champions!!