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May 9, 2023

How Health, Wealth, Self, and Faith can create LIFE CHANGE Episode 64 - Chris Grainger

How Health, Wealth, Self, and Faith  can create LIFE CHANGE Episode 64 - Chris Grainger
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Welcome back, Uncommon leaders! 

I am truly excited and and blessed to bring you today's guest, Chris Grainger. Chris is the engineering and services manager and podcast host of Electrical equipment company.  That's his "day job" . But, Chris is also the founder of The Lion Within Us, a community that provides encouragement to become the leaders we are predestined to be.

The four areas that we focus on a big time in our conversation today are Health, Wealth, and Self, and Faith and how those qualities help leaders become those that they are pre predestined to be by God. This is no doubt, an episode that talks about faith.

I know that all leaders can learn from some of the things that he and I talk about today on this podcast. I'm sure you're gonna get value from it. I appreciate the stories that Chris shares here, and I hope that you find value in it as well.

Learn more about Chris Grainger here:

The Lion Within Us website

Chris on LinkedIn

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 Until next time, Go and Grow Champions!