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March 7, 2023

Episode 55 - John Mollura - Overcoming tragedy, imposter syndrome, and living your best life!

Episode 55 - John Mollura - Overcoming tragedy, imposter syndrome, and living your best life!

Hey Uncommon leaders, welcome back!

My guest today is my John Mollura.  John is a multi-award winning luxury portrait photographer and keynote speaker.  AND, he is so much more.  John was a rocket scientist and his career was ‘rocketing’ to uncharted heights.  He spent decades leading a variety of teams; some that landed missions on Mars.  He shares the story of a personal tragedy that resulted in him re-evaluating what he thought he knew was most important to him.

Listen in as John shares some fun stories about how dead mice had an influence on him landing his first job in rocket science, but more importantly how he has worked to unmask imposter syndrome in his life and his tips on overcoming it.

You do not want to miss a minute of this interview.

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