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Sept. 28, 2021

9 - Coach Bill Hart "Slow Down, Get Clear, Work Hard!"

9 - Coach Bill Hart

Okay, here we go. With another great episode of the uncommon leader podcast. Welcome back listeners.  My guest on today's show is Coach bill Hart.

Bill recently became the National Leadership Coach at Movement Mortgage. Prior to that, he spent over 18 years with Building Champions coaching company, where I was introduced to Bill back in 2010 at a the BC Experience. Bill has over 17,000 hours in the coach's seat. I enjoy putting him on the other side  and having a chance to interview him. 

Bill has been a mentor to me over the past several years. With his work in podcasting, including the popular All-In podcast that he hosts, his video blogging  and  writing.  He's  the author of White Collar Warrior. And if you listen all the way to the end of the podcast, you will learn about a chance you have of winning a free copy of that book.   Bill is very active on social media and can be followed at:


You're going to love this episode.